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All members must ensure that the Diving Officer is informed of any dives, whether club or private unless a Dive Manager has been appointed for that day.


All members, including those undertaking training dives, are required to ring the Dive Manager between 18.30 & 19.30 on Saturday evening if they are intending to dive the next day. The Dive manager will then allocate buddy according to experience.

The published Dive Programme generally runs from April – October. Every club member will be emailed a copy. Please keep this copy. If the event that you mislay it, contact any Committee Member who will provide you with a replacement. A copy will also be displayed in the pumphouse.

If you have booked a place on a club boat dive and are unable to attend, please contact the Dive Manager as soon as possible to let them know (they’re generally up very early on the day of the dive). It may affect the number of boats/which boat is required & therefore costs to members diving that day.

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